How easy is it? SP Framework


So the journey begins…   Learning a new development technology, even as a skilled developer can seem overwhelming at the onset.   I have been working with Microsoft SharePoint Server since 2007.  My background with custom SP Development goes as deep as client side using  JQuery / HTML / CSS.    Previous to working on the SP platform, I was a full-time software developer born in the “Client Server” years, way before web development became a thing. Or nowadays, it is seemingly THE  ONLY thing, you know, where the party is AT!

I thought I would document my journey in learning this new technology, from the perspective of someone who has not been a full-time developer for a long while.   My motives are simple, I am doing this solely to learn something new because I have an insatiable interest in learning the SharePoint Framework.   Full disclosure, I am also acquainting myself with  web development principles and the host of tools available.  The water can get murky really quick if you do not have a goal in mind.     My goal through this experience is to condense the learning steps into something  bite size.   My hope is that you find this article consumable because you are someone who feels like the totality of knowledge required to be a good developer is at times very daunting.

So far, the development tools I will explore in this venture are NodeJS, CMDER, Gulp Serve, SharePoint Online and TypeScript (Programming Language).   I have no prior experiencee using TypeScript so I will be sure to document that experience as well.   I am also using Visual Studio Code for my editor.  Feel free to use your own preferred IDE.  (Integrated Development Environment).

If you are looking for the shortest distance, or rather a straight line between:

ZERO SPFX knowledge  <<<<>>>>    A working SPFX Project on your PC

Here we go:

#setup – SPFX Hello World Web Part Example

Like most cool people these days, I went to YouTube and voila, there is a learning video which I will attempt to follow.   Let me save you a few steps before watching the video and save some extra time for you.   (Staying on track with the “Straight Line” method of learning).

  1. Download and Install CMDER (Windows).  If you are on a MAC, I apologize in advance that I will not be providing those directions.

 Open CMDER 

              Install TypeScript

npm install -g typescript

2. Download and  Install NodeJS.

3.  Set up your Development Environment:


4.   Go to GitHub SPFX sample code

Open CMDER and paste the following into the command line:

         git clone

Having done these steps, you can now easily follow along in this video.

Author: MLDBoston

Technology Enthusiast!

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