Where do I begin?

When evaluating your business on how it uses modern technology  to succeed from a tactical and efficiency standpoint, what would you select as your overall grade compared to your competitors?   Think about that honestly for a few minutes….

A+ – We are blazing the trail by incorporating the latest and greatest technology, we are known to be cutting edge!

C  –  We plan for new technology projects but it can take years for us to make a decision from concept to implementation!

F  –  We are behind the times and we do not know where to start, we could use some help.

Most companies will fall somewhere in between  the “average” grade range whether it be a B or a C+ relative to their peers.    Why is this so?    Why is it so hard for companies to adopt and implement new technology solutions?     Obviously there are a lot of key factors and no two companies make those spending decisions in the same way.      On the topic of spending, technology resources are not inexpensive.   Is cost your main consideration or do you evaluate technology investments for the long term benefits?

No matter where you currently reside on the technology spectrum to make your business successful, chances are you could use some help shaping your future goals.   Consider hiring a consulting company to help you plan the best technology road map for you.


Author: MLDBoston

Technology Enthusiast!

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